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A homeless man with a tax problem was sent by his lawyer to Gregory A. Schupra to establish a charitable foundation "like Mr. Rockefeller." Mr. Eugene Howe's story of empowering philanthropy is told by Mr. Schupra in An Unexpected Legacy: Strategies of Generosity and demonstrates how everyone can be a philanthropist.  

Mr. Schupra, Significance LLC Founder, brings more than three decades of experience helping clients leave more than $1 billion to charity.  Our mission is to empower philanthropy. Significance LLC empowers you and your advisers with the insights, experience, and ability to wisely design and implement effective charitable planning.  

 Significance helps you achieve your charitable goals by supporting your current team of advisers and nonprofit charities in developing the blueprint and fulfillment of your charitable plans.  You can experience the comfort and peace of mind making charitable decisions by staying in charge of your philanthropy while working with those you trust.  At the same time, you realize the satisfaction that comes with sharing your wealth in a meaningful way.  


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Investment professionals, attorneys, accountants, financial and trust advisers, fundraising consultants, representatives of nonprofit organizations begin assisting your clients/donors with their charitable goals.

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