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1.  You have a question about the best way to benefit favorite charities through your estate plan. Significance educates and shares its decades of charitable planning experience helping insure effective philanthropy.  Whether it is creating a charitable foundation, life income trust, or a simple bequest, we customize each solution in best achieving your philanthropic values, visions, and goals.

If you wish to establish an endowed fund at your favorite charity but they do not have an endowment program, Significance guides charitable organizations in developing endowment fund programs enabling your gift.

2.  You need expertise and experienced charitable giving counsel to help you achieve your philanthropic values, visions, and goals. Donors face challenges in distributing their wealth to charity.  Significance empowers donors with easily understood tools enabling them to employ giving options that will best achieve their charitable giving objectives.

If you want to be in charge of your philanthropy but are not sure what to do, Significance empowers you with the knowledge and philanthropic experience giving you the confidence to manage your charitable dollars while handling all of the required paperwork for you.

3.  You want to maintain relationships with your trusted advisers in the planning and implementation of your philanthropic plans. Significance provides you with the ability to use your current professional adviser team in the design and implementation of your charitable gifts.

If you desire involvement of future family generations in your charitable planning, Significance educates and empowers their anticipated participation.  If you do not have family or others to trust your philanthropy beyond your lifetime, working with your team of professional advisers, Significance provides a system for perpetuating the achievement of your charitable goals.

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