The Welfare of Others

Have you ever wondered if the desire to look out for the welfare of others is a natural part of us?

Do you think it is a natural response when we help someone we see in need?

What would you do if a homeless man shows up at your office door, tells you that he has a tax problem, his attorney sent him to see you, and he wants to set up his foundation like Mr. Rockefeller?

That is exactly what happened to me one day while working at our foundation offices in downtown Detroit, Michigan.  The homeless man was Mr. Eugene Howe.  Yes, he had a tax problem.  Yes, his attorney sent him to see me.  And, yes, he wanted to set up his foundation like Mr. Rockefeller.

During Mr. Howe’s weekly visits, I often asked myself the question if it is a natural desire to help others in need.  Didn’t Mr. Howe have enough to worry about meeting his every day basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing living on the streets of Detroit?  Instead, I found him concerning himself with the philanthropic desire to help people by creating a charitable foundation like Mr. Rockefeller.

Philanthropy is the desire to promote the welfare of others.  Mr. Howe certainly demonstrated that desire.  During his visits, he would tell stories of ways people helped him and others.  He also taught me many principles of giving.

Mr. Howe set a humbling example in his care and support of the welfare of others.

Do you ever desire to promote the welfare of others?  Do you seek out ways to assist those in need?  Now is the time to consider doing so.